Cottage Pie (sort of)

I know, I know. I started out with such good intentions, but haven’t actually posted anything for months. In  my defence, I’ve now returned to work…which means I’m dropping, shattered, onto the sofa and staring blankly at the TV screen until bed in the evenings now, rather than  looking up interesting recipes!

The boy is older now, and eating like a horse. Maybe he’s having a growth spurt but I don’t seem able to keep up with his appetite! After and between meals he’s snacking on a lot of bread, cereals, biscuits, hot cross buns – lots of carby foods. This probably doesn’t help with his appetite because these refined carbohydrates are quick releasing – meaning a short burst of energy followed by that tired, hungry feeling…

I need to get him eating lots of lovely protein and complex carbs – which will provide a more sustained source of energy and help him feel fuller for longer.

So today my hubby made him a beefy bolognese with a parsnip and swede mash. Like a cottage pie, sort of.


Organic minced beef
1 onion, chopped finely
Tin chopped tomatoes
Teaspoonful tomato puree
Small tin low sugar and salt baked beans
Handful frozen peas
1 clove garlic, crushed
Teaspoonful Marmite
Drizzle olive oil

For the mash
1 small swede
1 parsnip


My hubby sweated the onion and garlic in the oil, then added and browned the mince. Once the mince was brown he added the tin of tomatoes, the tomato puree, the Marmite and the baked beans. He cooked it off for as long as it took the swede and parsnip to boil, then added the frozen peas for the last five minutes.

He chopped and boiled then mashed the swede and parsnip and served it alongside the bolognese. Easy! We divided the remaining bolognese into a few batches and froze them. And the little man ate the world’s biggest portion.

Followed by an entire plum, and a slice of banana and raisin cake. The best laid plans, eh?


Beef bolognese


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